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Stem Cell Therapy: A New Therapeutic Option for Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are known as one of major causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite the many advancement in therapies are associated with cardiovascular diseases, it seems that finding of new therapeutic option is necessary. Cell therapy is one of attractive therapeutic platforms for treatment of a variety of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. Among of various types of cell therapy, stem cell therapy has been emerged as an effective therapeutic approach in this area. Stem cells divided into multipotent stem cells and pluripotent stem cells. A large number studies indicated that utilization of each of them are associated with a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Multiple lines evidence indicated that stem cell therapy could be used as suitable therapeutic approach for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Many clinical trials have been performed for assessing efficiency of stem cell therapies in human. However, stem cell therapy are associated with some challenges, but, it seems resolving of them could contribute to using of them as effective therapeutic approach for patients who suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In the current review, we summarized current therapeutic strategies based on stem cells for cardiovascular diseases.

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