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Cord blood and tissue storage

Stem cells are cells not yet specialized, capable of transforming themselves into different types of cells, each with specific functions. Thanks to their regenerative properties, stem cells are the new frontier of the REGENERATIVE MEDICINE field.

Umbilical cord is a great source of stem cells. It contains stem cells in both cord blood and in cord tissue. The so called cord blood stem cells are currently used as a standard therapy for more the 80 disease mainly of haematological and oncohematological nature. To date, more than 50.000 cord blood transplants are reported worldwide in both children and adult.

Regenerative medicine is only at the beginning of its journey, but it has already yielded great results and the expectations for the future are enormous. 

Mesenchymal stem cells from cord tissue are responsible for organ repair or tissues damaged by disease. Thanks to their great differentiation capacity, these cells are particularly promising in the field of regenerative medicine. Ongoing studies are testing these cells for osteocartilaginous lesions, craniofacial trauma, congenital diseases and tumors. These cells are also particularly interesting as a possible tool for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, such as type diabetes mellitus TYPE1, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Adipose Tissue Storage

By deciding to store the stem cells obtained from your own adipose tissue, you ensure that they will always be available for future treatments.

You have the certainty of not running any risk of rejection or allergic reaction by receiving your own cells.

Fat cells (adipocytes) are supported by a network of connective tissue (stroma), collagen and blood vessels called the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). This structure is particularly rich in mesenchymal stem cells (ADMSCs).

Stem cells from adipose tissue are particularly interesting in several areas, for example in the aesthetic or orthopaedic field.

Thanks to their great differentiation capacity, i. e. their ability to give rise to cells of numerous organs and tissues, adipose-derived stem cells are now used in more than 300 clinical trials demonstrating the ability of these cells to treat various pathologies (fields: neurological, cardiological, metabolic, etc.).

With a small sample of adipose tissue, it is possible to isolate an excellent amount of cells that can be used and stored for various medical applications, both immediate and future.

Every day, more and more men and women are choosing to store stem cells derived from their own fat tissue to improve their physical appearance.

Other services

Biobank service:

  • Extraction and storage of cells from blood and cord tissue
  • Extraction and storage of cells from adipose tissue
  • Extraction and storage from DNA
  • Performing HLA compatibility tests
  • Taking charge of samples stored in other biobanks
  • International shipment of samples
  • Heterologous cord blood bank (limited to hybrid bank project)
  • Medical support service for customers

Service for B2B partners:

  • Storage of biological material for third parties
  • Performing microbiological and endotoxin analysis tests on final samples
  • Cytofluorimetric analysis of stem cell count and detection
  • Cell count and viability analysis
  • Assay verification of lipoaspirate samples

Consultancy services:

  • Consulting in GMP, GDP and FACT Netcord guidelines
  • ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) production consultancy in aseptic environment
  • Risk assessment consultancy linked to ATMP production
  • IMPD (Investigational Medicinal Product Dorrier) consulting linked to ATMP production
  • Other consulting services related to biobanks and quality control laboratories
  • Evaluation of pre-clinical protocols in the ATMP field
  • External staff training