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About Us


SSCB was founded in 2005 by a group of forward-looking researchers and physicians working at the Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano (Switzerland). There, since the first stem cell transplantation following a heart attack in 2004, people have been convinced that stem cells are the future of medicine. Thus it was known that the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells that could become a great resource for the future of the newborn and for all members of his family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pave the way through the collection, processing and preservation of stem cells from the blood and umbilical cord tissue and from adult adipose tissue for the use of tomorrow, as well as to continue research and the access to regenerative medicine for the entire population. Our work always has the highest quality standards in the world, ensuring its availability and usefulness in the future, as well as a highly specialized, safe, efficient and advanced service.

Our Vision

  • To inform and educate the population and health specialists about medical and scientific advances in this area and procedures, because their role is key to obtaining effective results.
  • That the SSCB be not only the first choice of future parents and health personnel for the conservation of stem cells, but also raise and inspire the level of quality required of all players in the sector.
  • Contribute to advances in the transplantation of cellular products so that they provide solutions to a greater number of pathologies.
  • Continue research collaborations with a commitment to development within a framework of sustainability, maximum quality and innovation.
  • Provide a network of research, development and partnerships worldwide to work, where people have the possibility to store their stem cells and access the therapeutic options of regenerative medicine, thus helping to protect their future.

Our managment

Claudio Massa

Chief Executive Officer

Damiano Castelli

MD, Phd

Direttore medico

Luca Mariotta


Direttore scientifico

Gabriela Villalba

Business development manager


Innovation since 2005

  • New Offices in Zürich and Madrid, Spain
  • New Offices in Milan and Rome
  • GMP approval of the new facility with isolators
  • SSCB becomes the only biobank partner in the public-private hybrid bank projecT
  • SSCB is the only private bio-bank to be registered with the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) and certified to have all the requirements to process samples from stem cell donations and make them available again
  •  Approval of a stem cell sample from umbilical cord blood for the treatment of cerebral palsy at Duke University of Durham in North Carolina (USA)
  • Relocation to the new headquarters in Vacallo, designed and approved to house structures and services for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Autologous use of a stem cell sample from umbilical cord blood in Italy as lifesaving therapy for a child with leukemia after chemotherapy failed
  • Swissmedic Adipose Tissue Certification
  • First release of SVF for autologous homologous treatment
  • Validation of Adipose Tissue stem cell extraction protocols (SVF – Stromal Vascular Fraction) 
  • SSCB reaches the prestigious FACT- NETCORD accreditation
  • Further development and Recruitment of a child for treatment of cerebral palsy with stem cells at the University Hospital of Monterrey (MX) 
  • First Recruitment of a child for treatment of cerebral palsy with stem cells

Authorization as Spin Off of the Cardiocentro Ticino