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Healed from HIV thanks to cord blood

Recover from HIV is an extremely rare event. To now, only three cases are reported. In all of theese patients received a transplants from hla-matched donors possessing a mutation ti the CCR5 gene. This mutation give a protective effects agains the HIV. The case has been presented to the CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections).

Timothy Ray Brown  was affected by HIV but lived for 12 years without any antiviral treatment after a bone marrow transplant that he received to treat leukemia. In another case a HIV positive patients, received chemioterapy and bone marrow trasnplant to treat a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The side effect of the terapy was the elimination of the virus.

This recent case, regard an american woman. She suffered from leukemia and received a cord blood infusion as treatment. This woman not only healed from the leukemia but also, after 37 months form the transplants, has suspended any antiviral therapy she was following because resulted totally healed from the HIV infection. This sieronegativity last from more the 14 months.

This represent Another great success reached through cord blood and underline  the importance of preserving this important biological tool.