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SSCB is a Biotech Company founded in 2005 in a hospital setting that operates in the field of cellular therapies, specialized in the collection, processing and storage of stem cells for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes and for the development of new experimental protocols.

We are committed to perform our work to the highest standards of scientific rigour, ethics and professional integrity. We are proud of what we do, how we do it and above all of our identity. We are committed today to improving people’s health tomorrow.

Our branch in Vacallo, Switzerland, houses the Biobank, the Laboratories for sample processing and characterization, the Medical and Scientific Management, the Quality Control Laboratory, Administration and Customer Care. We also have an office in Zurich and are present in Rome to support our Italian customers.

Our Biobank has the capacity to cryopreserve a wide range of biological materials: Stem Cells from Blood and Cord Tissue, Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue, Peripheral Blood Storage, Plasma and Serum Storage.
We have been the first private biobank in Europe to be accredited by FACT-NetCord (2012). SSCB is also GMP certified and authorised by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health and the Swissmedic drug regulatory body. SSCB collaborates with the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation, a foundation for research in the field of cell therapies in regenerative medicine. SSCB, in agreement with the Swiss Commission of Public Banks, is the only private biobank partner in the hybrid cryopreservation pilot project,  privately cryopreserved samples are made available to public international donor registries and released for transplantation if necessary, with the consent of the family.

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In March 2020, SSCB decided to expand its activities to the Italian market.

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Swiss Stem Cells Biotech is active in establishing partnerships for research, sales and commercial development.