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The Swiss Biotech company

leader on Stem Cells storage

The only Swiss private biobank that processes and stores samples exclusively in its own laboratory, without going through intermediaries

This is the corporate website of SSCB – Swiss Stem Cell Biotech.
If you are pregnant and you want to preserve stem cells please visit our national websites for all the information – Click here

Preserve your baby's stem cells, childbirth the only opportunity


If you are expecting, you have the incredible opportunity to store stem cells at the time of delivery. But why should you choose SSCB?

  • We are the only private Biobank that processes and stores samples exclusively in its own laboratory in Switzerland
  • We are the only Swiss Biobank accredited by FACT – NetCord, the specific accreditation for stem cell preservation
  • We are the only private Biobank to participate as sole partner in the Hybrid Bank project. In this project, SSCB works closely with national institutions, in order to offer to the parents the opportunity to also donate stored samples if requested.


SSCB was founded in 2005 by a group of forward-looking researchers and physicians working at the Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano (Switzerland). Since the first stem cell transplantation following a heart attack in 2004, people have been convinced that stem cells are the future of medicine. Thus it was known that the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells that could become a great resource for the future of the newborn.

Our Services

We provide international quality Services

Cord blood and cord tissue storage

Adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) storage

DNA storage

Why choose SSCB?

Because we are really a realiable biobank

Our stem cell bank.
We guarantee complete control over all processes of cryopreservation, from processing in the laboratory to storage in our cryotanks. This enables you to know the status of your sample at any time.

Choose with us a bank that is committed to exploring new frontiers in medicine.

Public and private banks
Due to our high-quality standards, we work together as a hybrid bank (public/private) with the Bern Hospital.

FACT-NetCord certification
This is an important international certification, the only one dedicated exclusively to umbilical cord banks. The achievement and maintenance of this certification requires repeated checks by the supervisory body.

GMP certification
This accreditation implies the respect of high quality standards; our products have the same quality level of pharmaceutical ones.

Authorised by the Swiss public health authorities, including Swissmedic.

International Presence

Locations and Partners